Uptown Revitalization Strategy

lWith the support of a $75,000 TCDI grant, Land Dimensions with the assistance of the Borough of Pitman, developed the Uptown Pitman Revitalization Plan, which recommends land use, economic development and marketing strategies.

The target area of this report is the physical and commercial center of Pitman, bounded by the properties fronting on Broadway, Holly, Commerce and West Jersey Avenues.  The strategies include facade improvements along Holly Avenue, streetscape and pedestrian improvements, enhanced recreational opportunities, improved access and circulation, planning for future rail service, and developing a marketing strategy.

Secondary to the Uptown Pitman Revitalization Plan, the Borough worked with a professional marketing agency to develop a new brand for the downtown.  Extensive outreach was provided through public meetings and surveys. The brand chosen, Uptown Pitman, reflects the architecture of the downtown district as well as the personality of the Pitman residents.  It strives to build on Pitman’s historic nature, showcase the eateries in the downtown, position Pitman as a go-to destination, and preserve Pitman’s current retailers while reaching out to new markets.